Mosaic Reform provides live broadcasts of Shabbat and Festival services throughout the year. The live broadcasts are particularly aimed at members of the community who are unable to get to the Synagogue and brings the service to them at home over the internet.

If you have already registered with Mosaic Live and received a password, you can Watch Now –  click here

Register with Mosaic Live by contacting us and you will be sent a password enabling you to watch services as they are streamed live from Bessborough Road. Note that in order to avoid having to enter your password on each subsequent visit, a cookie is stored on your computer or mobile device. This only holds your verification status and is not used to gather any personal information.

At the start of each broadcast you will see a short, 30 second advert – this is inserted by the streaming provider and is out of our control. Once the advert has played, you will be connected to the live broadcast.

We do not currently support the iPad or Android tablets as our broadcasts can only be viewed by a flash enabled web browser. Although we cannot endorse or support any particular apps, we have had some success using the Photon Flash Web Browser for iPad .

If you have any problems either accessing or viewing the broadcasts, please contact us.