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Guy Frati

Rabbi Frank writes, At Mosaic Liberal Synagogue, we are very proud of our liturgical music.  Our Music Director and singers are all talented professionals, classically trained and proficient with our Hebrew liturgical music.  We were privileged, for example, to employ for many years  Ernest Herbert Warrell MBE FKC Hon FTCL  (1915-2010)  who also worked as organist at Southwark Cathedral and at Kings College London where he taught a generation of church organists.

Very recently, our long-serving Music Director, Mary Banks,  retired and we sought a replacement  through advertising as well as professional networks.  Israeli-born Guy Frati was the sole respondent and, amazingly, amply  qualified.  Within the parameters of his student visa and his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, he has played, sung and directed the other players for our Saturday morning and festival services recently.  It is obvious that Guy is uniquely qualified to become our next Music Director.  Not only is he extraordinarily talented but he commands the respect and loyalty of our existing choir.  Being a native Hebrew speaker, an additional nuance is added to both the biblical and more modern lyrics.   Our congregation, very accustomed to top quality music, has warmly embraced Guy’s contributions.

We are working closely with Guy in the process of his receiving the necessary visa so that he can hopefully soon return to the UK and work on a more permanent legal basis.  In addition to retaining his ties with the Royal Academy of Music, we hope that he will teach student rabbis and lay people at Leo Baeck College.  Here and, in other endeavours, Guy will be able to reinvigorate the field of liturgical Jewish music for many years to come.

July 13, 2017