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Kayitz Netzer – Europe Tour

Kayitz-Netzer 15 – 25th August 2016


Kayitz-Netzer is an amazing opportunity to do a truly unique tour of Europe with both LJY-Netzer and our sister movement RSY-Netzer along with a couple of Israeli participants. It is an opportunity for established LJY-Netzer members and new ones to come and experience the history and learn about the Jewish stories of some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Europe.

We travel to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina and one of the fascinating unexplored cities in Europe that links to one of our themes, Jewish identity . We then travel to along the Croatian coastline the most beautiful in Europe according to lonely planet, we have plenty of opportunities to explore the town of Spilt where we share Shabbat with the small Jewish community there and learn about the Sephardic Jewish history of the region. As we move North we visit one of the many Croatian national parks and the holocaust site of Jasenovic. The trip finishes in Vienna where they explore the culture in various cafes, visit theme parks and it ties all the education of the trip together.

The trip is for seventeen year olds (school year 12) and older,  which means while carefully contained they are trusted to have a few free evenings in certain cities. This helps creates the friendly, fun, inclusive and safe  environment that is the hallmark of LJY-Netzer events.

The event is run by two highly trained leaders and a student rabbi in coordination with LJY-Netzer and RSY-Netzer movement workers. We seek advice on security from UK embassies and the CST.

The all inclusive cost of this event is £1285 but this comes with substantial financial support available.

Kayitz-Netzer is unique across the young Jewish world in being a fun exciting opportunity to explore Jewish identity with a group of like-minded young Jews.

It was amazing crossing so many borders to so many countries at once, going to cities like Sarajevo  and being able to roam around the cities.  Getting to know other young Jewish people who share the same religion is a new experience for me. -Max Rubbens, Kayitz-Netzer was his first LJY-Netzer event and he is currently considering taking part in LJY-Netzer gap year.

For more information, visit the Kayitz-Netzer website

March 24, 2016