Kiev Koppers

In addition to only seeing our Synagogue friends on Zoom these days, one of the repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic is that, with no physical meetings taking place, Mosaic Liberal’s Kiev Koppers jar is not filling up.    The difficulties faced by our fellow Progressive Jews in Ukraine are as great as they ever were, if not greater, so we have been thinking of how we might continue to assist them as we have done for many years.    We will continue to allocate to our good friend, Rabbi Alex Dukhovny, part of the sum raised from our annual Yom Kippur Appeal to help in his various congregational projects, but members might like to make individual donations to make up for the coins they are currently unable to drop into our collection jar.

We are suggesting an amount of just £5 (or £10 if you insist !), which can be donated by online banking direct to the Synagogue’s account – sort code  20-92-60, account no. 20197580  – quoting the reference “Kiev Koppers”.     If you prefer, you can send a cheque, payable to “Mosaic Liberal Synagogue”, to the office, marked for the attention of Jackie Alexander and with “Kiev Koppers” on the envelope.     (Jackie is working from home, but cheques are collected once a week.)  If you feel able to help in this way, we know that Rabbi Alex and his congregations will be most grateful.

July 2, 2020