Liberal Judaism Day of Celebration

LJ Day of Celebration: Where Liberal & Judaism Meet

Sunday 22nd May 2022 09:30-16:30

The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 28 St Johns Wood Road, NW8 7HA

After more than two years of the pandemic, we are opening our doors for a major event once again. You can join us in person at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue or online via Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.

The Day of Celebration is a festival of people, knowledge and culture. It is a space for all Liberal Jewish communities to meet and celebrate each other.  This year Liberal Judaism celebrates its120th anniversary. With this in mind, the theme of the Day of Celebration will be ‘Where Liberal and Judaism Meet’. We will look at our past, present and future. We will reflect and explore what it means to be Liberal, to be Jewish, and to be a Liberal Jew.

The Day of Celebration is designed to have something for everyone, so come and celebrate with us!

The diverse and engaging programme will include sessions, workshops and discussions led by Liberal Judaism rabbis and outside experts in nine varied tracks:

  • Judaism and Social Responsibility: Hearing from those involved in social justice, what guides them and how this is both a social and Jewish responsibility.
  • Inclusion in Action: Looking at ways to make our spaces more welcoming, accessible and inclusive.
  • Culture and Art: World leaders in art, music and culture will be sharing their stories and their secrets.
  • Hot Potatoes: The track for those open to having difficult conversations and engaging with controversial topics.
  • Communities & Covid: Until recently, Covid was the main topic of conversation. Now, as the pandemic enters the next stage of its existence, this is a chance to reflect on it again.
  • What Does Liberal Judaism Think? Exploring theological, intellectual and practical views on contemporary issues.
  • Spiritual Possibilities of Judaism Today: Discussing our fresh and relevant Jewish spiritual life in 2022.
  • Ask The Rabbi: Have a cuppa and discuss your questions with Liberal rabbis in an informal atmosphere.
  • Youth Programme: An energetic, fun and meaningful programme for all ages, prepared by LJY-Netzer.

We also have exhibitions, book stalls, a professionally staffed creche and the conclusion of our exciting creative competition (visit for more information)

With the current crisis in Ukraine, the Day of Celebration’s keynote session will be dedicated to the topic of refugees. It will ask what we can do to help Ukrainian, Syrian, Afghani and other people who had to flee their country and begin their lives in a new place. Our keynote speakers this year are Sara Nathan and Paul Anticoni. Sara is the Co-Founder of Refugees at Home. Paul is the Chief Executive of World Jewish Relief. They will share their expertise and the lessons they have learned over many years of tireless and successful work with refugees.

April 28, 2022