Liberal Judaism’s Education Hub

Liberal Judaism’s Education Hub has a new term of sessions examining Liberal Jewish Thought.

Taking place via Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm, the full calendar for this term is below. All sessions are designed to stand alone, so you can attend as many evenings as you’d like.

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Wednesday 18 May: Rabbi Lea Mühlstein and Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah – Why Liberal Jews pray
Taking a closer look at the evolution of specific prayers over the past 200 years, as well as explore trends in the evolution of our prayerbooks more generally.

Wednesday 25 May: Rabbi Dr Judith Rosen-Berry and Rabbi Charley Baginsky – What’s new? Progressive thought and Liberal Judaism
This session will discuss the positive influence that ‘progressive/new’ thinking has always had on Liberal Judaism and why, in the current political and religious context, this must continue to be the case.

Wednesday 1 June: Rabbi Nathan Godleman – Ceremony in Liberal Judaism, a contradiction in terms?
Would you walk out if the Torah scroll were processed? This session will explore whether the classical Liberal aversion towards ceremony is a thing of the past, or whether it is based upon a misconception that still restricts us.

Wednesday 8 June: Rabbi Michael Shire – Encountering Liberal Judaism and a new Hasidism
The new Hasidism of the 21st century has taken old pathways and reinvigorated them for our post-modern times. How do these intersect with an evolving Liberal Judaism?

Wednesday 15 June: Rabbi Richard Jacobi – Say Goodbye to ‘woolly Liberalism’
Wider events within the UK and around the world have revealed in the starkest terms why we and our world can no longer afford woolly Liberalism. But how do we toughen up our principles?

You can watch all previous sessions on Liberal Judaism’s YouTube channel, here.

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May 19, 2022