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Blowing the shofar & tidying up after “Neilah”

Thanks to the shofar blowing team
Thanks to Jonathan and Connor for blowing the shofar at the homes of Leslie and Naomi Dysch and Anita Shane. Everyone enjoyed the mitzvah.  We have been asked to repeat the mitzvah next year.

 Neilah shofar blowing
Would everyone who can blow a shofar come along at Neilah on Saturday night.  We know a number of shofar blowers including Chanan, Connor, Ethan, Gillian Lucas and Joel Austin. Please surprise us with more blowers.

Tidying up after Neilah
Everyone is really keen to get home for their supper after the end of Neilah.  Anthony, Edwin, Nir and Simon Glass are listed to pack away and take back to the Guides. Could anyone else spare 10 minutes to load cars and unpack at the Guides end? Many hands make light work and, using a Tesco expression, “Every Little Helps”.

September 27, 2017