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Chanukah Film Reminder

Following the success of the  NEW YEAR  greetings film and the feeling of togetherness it generated, we are making a Chanukah film.  You can film on your mobile phone from your home. Please show us your chanukiah and tell us why it is special to you. Here is a filmette and some tips, as well as some content ideas.       Press “ctrl and the link” at the same time.  Please incorporate  number1 and choose between 2, 3 and 4.  Please limit filming to 1 minute:-

  1.  show your chanukiah
  2.  tell us a story about your chanukiah and what it means to you.
  3. tell us a story about a Chanukah story from yesteryear.
  4. please give a message to the community.

ALL videos to be sent to Gary  or  07956  419  560 by  Thursday 27th  November. They should be in the following format:-

  • Videos can be created using a mobile phone, or by connecting at a pre-arranged time with Gary Italiaander, on Zoom – Gary will  provide the necessary Zoom link, if required.
  • ALL filming is to be done in landscape position. For mobile phones, that means turning it onto the side (not upright).
  • The person / persons being seen on the film, should ideally sit at a table, (dining room table height) so that they and the position of the Chanukiah are seen within the same proximity.
  • Good lighting on the person / persons is key. Please consider this when finding the best position for filming.
November 19, 2020