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Stuart and Stephanie Rosen would like to invite the community to a baby blessing of their second grand-daughter Clara Jade, on Shabbat 15th July at the Girl Guide Headquarters, to welcome Clara into the Jewish community.  Nicole, Jon, Mia and Uncle Elliot will all be in attendance as well.  There will also be 26 guests in attendance which will make a lovely occasion for the shul as well as being the best attendance this summer.  Stuart and Stephanie will be sponsoring the Kiddush after the service.

Mazal tov to Talia Austin on her 18th birthday.

Roger and Carole Morris, founder members of HEMS, were in town this weekend for a family Simcha. They called to ask how everyone was fairing at HEMS and wished to be remembered to everyone who still remembers them. Carole’s fingers are doing well and they are in 100% working order, although she said that a full recovery is still some way off. Their daughter, sons in law and grandchildren are all doing well, with three of the grandchildren doing or having just completed military service.

July 6, 2017