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Mazel Tov to Traci Spivack, Gary Italiaander, Kezia Rosenberg, Joanna Lewis and Ben Rickayzen who celebrate their Birthdays this week.  Also read on for Minhag change, Harold Curry’s birthday surprise, kiddush storage and a message from Jackie Kalms ….

MINHAG CHANGE: HEMS held its AGM on Sunday 22nd May – where a large number of members turned up to hear about the past year and the year to come.  The meeting overwhelmingly agreed a resolution changing HEMS’s Minhag in relation to the participation of women in services.  The passing of this resolution means that our female members can now lead services. Although ladies at HEMS have always been entitled to be called up, leyn, read Haphtorah and deliver a d’var (and indeed are actively encouraged to do so) this important change recognises the need  to ensure that all our members can take part in services more fully and equally in our modern world.


HAROLD CURRY turned 95 last week and Edwin Lucas visited him at the shul at the Princess Alexander home.  “Seeing you in Shul, was a great pleasure, the birthday cake (left) was an added surprise, many thanks to all at HEMS.”  Edwin

KIDDUSH STORAGE AT THE GUIDE HEADQUARTERS:  We have been asked to flag up for people on kiddush duty, that all left over food must go in the new cupboard above the cooker on the far left or in the fridge. But NOT in the cupboard next to the fridge where there is a hot pipe running through the cupboard and food can go off.  Thanks.

THANK YOU to Rabbi Arberman for his support, and Jonathan Fenster and Chanan Shuall who lead the shivas, together with all the congregation at HEMS for their help recently when my husband Ashley died.  It was very much appreciated.”  Jackie Kalms


May 26, 2016