Community News

Mazel Tov to Tomer Goldenberg, Isabel Rafalin, Maisie Balkin, Rebecca Alexander and John Freeman who celebrate their Birthdays this week.  

Monopoly imageDVAR ON PESACH SUNDAY MORNING:   Edwin Lucas will be delivering a dvar, which relates to a modern day story of the 4 sons, which concentrates on the naughty son. It has been written by someone who cannot come to shul, who Edwin visits on a volunteer basis through his work with prisons and is part of the person’s rehabilitation programme.

THANK YOU:  “I would like to thank everyone for the lovely Shabbat service and kiddush last week, and also for all the happy birthday wishes.” Sue Levy

AND ANOTHER THANK YOU!: “I would like to thank the community of HEMS for extending such a warm welcome to me when I visited last Shabbat, even if you didn’t organise better weather for me!   It was lovely to see Rabbi Arberman, and all my ‘old’ friends again!   Enjoy Pesach. Chag Semeach”  Joy Collins











April 20, 2016