Last chance to support Masorti Judaism’s campaign for Safe Passage UK

We would like to thank all HEMS members as well as guests at Connor Buchalter’s Bar Mitzvah for supporting the campaign  to bring over children from the Calais Jungle.  To date we have received  sponsorship of £800 from our members.  If you would still like to donate the website is still taking payments – although because of the urgency, Masorti Judaism are aiming to raise the money by Friday 16th September.  Please click on this website address link to donate. 

This appeal was launched by the Masorti community to try encourage 150 Jewish families to save the lives of around 150 children living in abject poverty and constant risk of violence in the refugee camps in Calais, who have the legal right to claim asylum and be reunited with family in the UK.   There is a legal route for these to be reunited with their families and afforded the care and safety they deserve – Safe Passage UK  . In order to make this happen, Safe Passage UK needs to raise £2,000 per child. This covers the cost of the legal process, transport and support the child will need to claim asylum here.  The need for this is urgent as the camp in Calais is signalled to be demolished this Autumn. These children are likely to go ‘missing’ and we fear for their safety and lives. 

September 15, 2016