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Read on for birthdays, a message from the Bar Mitzvah boy, CST training, Safe Passage UK and lots more …..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: to Michael Gurner, Joel Austin and Anne Pinkus who celebrate their birthdays this week.

MESSAGE FROM CONNOR: “Thank you so much to everyone who helped and supported me during my Bar Mitzvah especially Jonny, my family, the Rabbi and all the people who helped with the service, set-up, kiddush and security.  I would also like to thank Mosaic Reform for letting me use their building.  I had a really great time during my Bar Mitzvah and see you all at Rosh Hashanah!” Connor Buchalter

CST TRAINING:  CST have organised courses to ensure the community is safe and to ensure that you have the training you need for when you undertake security duties. There is a course being held between 0945 – 12.45 on Sundays 11th and 18th September, at Belmont United Synagogue. The training will teach you the essentials of security work, in a short space of time. It is ideal for those who already participate in voluntary security, but have minimal knowledge of what to actually do. The course does not contain any physical elements and upon completion, participants will become Security Support Officers affiliated to CST.  Please book via this link.

SAFE PASSAGE UK:  There are 2 separate appeals presently for SAFE PASSAGE UK.  (1) HEMS has been asked by Masorti Judaism to to help with a Masorti wide appeal which is part of a big effort headed by Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, and Jonathan Fenster is asking HEMS members who wish to donate this way to please donate through Masorti Judaism and please mention HEMS when donating.  (2) There is also a separate Mosaic appeal launched by John Ashmele – the details of which are also listed in the Newsletter.

Imagine the British Jewish Community coming together to save 150 children’s lives.  There are an estimated 150 unaccompanied children in the refugee camps around Calais who have family living in the UK. They currently live in abject poverty and constant risk of violence, despite having the legal right to claim asylum in the UK.  Yet there is a legal route for them to be reunited with their families in the UK and afforded the care and safety they deserve. Safe Passage UK are this legal route.  Safe Passage UK needs to raise £2,000 per child to cover the cost of the legal process, transport and support the child will need to claim asylum here in Britain. Ultimately it is £2,000 to reunite them with their families under the Dublin III and ECHR 8 orders.  There is an urgent need right now – the camp in Calais is signalled to be demolished this autumn. These children are likely to go ‘missing’ and we fear for their safety and lives.

Masorti communities, amongst others, have launched an e-campaign to find families and supporters willing to donate monies and to raise the £2000 required for each child. In essence Masorti will be crowdfunding to save lives and every donation whatever its size is vital. Senior Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg added “We, who know what it is to be refugees, and many of whose parents and grandparents came as child refugees from Nazi Europe, have a special bond with the fate of children and a compelling responsibility to do our very utmost to help”.

GOOD LUCK!: Elaine Glass, together with Gill Gurner and Jo Lewis are doing the 25K London Bridges Walk Challenges for Parkinson’s UK in September, to raise money for this very worthy cause.  Click here for the link for the website if you would like to donate.



September 1, 2016