Community News

hems_logoSelwyn Langley’s day job has now come to the fore in his Mosaic life. HEMS is keen to find a new home and who better than Selwyn to put his ore in to help in the search for  a permanent home. It is not an easy task – just like buying a residential home.  He like the rest of the Mosaic property group is focusing their search in our area and despite being seen on a plane journey to Inverness, there is definitely no chance of us davening in Inverness every shabbat or even an occasional one. Driving is also a bit far to get there before shabbat. We at HEMS are urging Selwyn to walk the walk and talk the talk and find us a home and we will pray for more news about the progress in the coming week. We will not hold our breath but will cheer the team to encourage them in their “seek and ye shall find” mission  .

Walking the walk reminds HEMS members of keeping fit.  Heart attacks, diabetes and advancing years affect some of HEMS members and Henry Altman has the answer for HEMS members as well as the rest of Mosaic members too. You do not need to be a HEMS member, to benefit from Henry’s energy. He will walk with you, talk with you, but will not compete with Selwyn’s flight up to Inverness and back from Aberdeen. He will meet up at 10 on every Tuesday, at Northwood Underground and walk around Northwood to improve your cardiovascular performance.  In addition he will help blood sugar levels and is happy to watch you check your blood sugar levels, before and after the walk.  The short term aim is to make all us Mosaic members feel happier about walking to our respective shuls.

Not everyone likes walking and Barbara Altman is into different exercise at HEMS and is looking to do this throughout our Mosaic community. You again do not need to fly with Selwyn, or fast walk with Henry.  Barbara is knitting squares,  as round circles are not good enough for blankets. Good exercise for the arm and once those taking part are fitter, you can progress  and then walk with Henry.  All in all, HEMS looks after you and by getting  many more Mosaic members on board, we will all be fit together.

The following people are all going to be celebrating birthdays this week  and after all their cakes they will need the exercise. Well done Sasha Brooks who will be 21. Mazeltov to Chairman Neil who is going to be twice  the age of Sasha plus a wee bit and let’s not forget Hannah Glass, and Cici Rutstein who is now in need of her second hand to count her age. What a great week ahead of us.


February 17, 2016