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Shema Koleinu survey:
Welcome to Shema Koleinu, the Masorti Tefillah Skills Project! Our project is designed to help elevate tefillah (prayer) and connect us with our rich heritage through workshops, training opportunities, and an expansive online resource. We understand the importance of tefillah and how it can have a meaningful impact on our lives. We would love to hear about your relationship with tefillah and the role it plays in your life. We recommend that you enjoy a cup of tea and a good biscuit (or two!) while taking our survey which closes on Tuesday 4th July. If you prefer an interactive experience, we’re also hosting a discussion evening on Wednesday 28th June at 8pm to explore the themes in the survey in more depth. You can sign up to be part of the discussion here.

Are you experienced in community development and outreach and looking for an opportunity to impact a growing Masorti community? We’re looking for a dedicated and dynamic individual to join our team and play a crucial role at South Herts and Edgware Masorti, a thriving Masorti community in Borehamwood. You’ll be at the heart of the community during an exciting time of transition, developing relationships and running a diverse programme of events. Visit our website to learn more. 

Pride Picnic in the Park: Sunday 25th June, 3pm,  Victoria Park, Finchley, London – sign-up here!

June 22, 2023