Have a “lechayim” with Mosaic Masorti

Come and Join Us , Come and Join Us.  We would love to see you at 4.30pm on Friday to meet up, for a catch up, and a chat up so we can bring  in shabbas with candles and maybe even a lechayim. Put a note in your telephone or diary and Come and join Us.

Join in with a Lechayim and the more active you are, the more lechayims you will be rewarded with

Who has some time to help Edwin take down some cork tiles in the old shul as he has a memorabilia project in mind? There is no davening but there is a lechayim on hand, to toast each tile you can help remove in one piece. The more tiles you can remove, the more lechayims we will activate.

April 15, 2021