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IMG_5326Valentine’s Day hit HEMS

James Wilton did not surprise Mark and Paulette Sachon’s daughter Amy,  by taking her out for dinner on Valentines’s day. What did surprise Amy, was that James proposed to her. She did say a massive yes. The couple have known each other, since they were in their early teens and are planning to break the chuppah glass in Israel in 2017. All at HEMS extend a hearty Mazeltov to Amy, James and their families.

Food tasting

Julie Dysch and Edwin Lucas were entertained by chef Max Alexander at no less location than the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Max was clearly in his element and produced a magnificent 3 course meal which looked the business, tasted the business and was the business. Max went the extra mile and came out to see how the guests were managing with eating and drinking at lunchtime. He was amazed that the known tea totalers were on sparkling water.  Nothing was going to affect their taste buds and no wine tempting  could distract them from tasting and enjoying.  If you want to read about the day, read the next edition of Kehila.

Record attendance in shul

IMG_0267 (002)Marvyn Ellison has decided not to sharpen his scissors any longer and is going to leave the scissoring to others. Whilst he may be sad, many of the HEMS community will be sadder still, as Marvyn has been cutting and trimming and performing his coiffuring artistry for many years in Rayners Lane and more recently in Pinner. What will Marvyn do and what will his fan club do? There is no truth in the rumour that Marvyn will be coiffuring the hedges of the HEMS members as he tells us that his scissors are the not fit for that purpose. What a shame as he could chat to the hedge in the same way as Andrea Alexander chats to her flowers whilst on assignment.  The question is what does Maureen Aharoni do to entice her flowers to grow so beautifully? We shall chat to her when she is back in town. HEMS will benefit as Marvyn says he will attend HEMS shul more often. Last shabbas he brought in a record number of congregants for this time of year, so here is hoping that with him coming more often that his fan club come to hear him and his chazanut.  All are welcome to join us.

Mazeltov also to the member’s celebrating their birthday’s this week: Nicola Brooks and Michael Marx.

February 1, 2016