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HHD Services

Masorti will be holding live in person services over the High Holy days. Please contact regarding availability of seats for all services.


Security assistance over the High Holy Day period – in all locations.

We will be asking congregants to assist with security management at all services over the High Holy Days.  The time slots will all be in small chunks so that people can enjoy all the services available.  In light of what happened this week in Stamford Hill, vigilance and awareness are key.

Machzorim availability over the High Holy Days.

Please advise if you would like to borrow a machzor over the High Holy Days. There will be a limited availability for each service which will be Covid compliant.  Machzorim will be allocated and there will be some available for each service.



Tashlich will be held around 5pm on the  afternoon of the First Day of Rosh Hashannah in Pinner. Please contact for details.

August 26, 2021