Join Mosaic Masorti Throughout Ellul on Facebook

Gary has been busy in the HEMS / MM film studios, shooting films for us all to enjoy and savour over 33 film clips and films, between now and the day after Yom Kippur. We have 45 participants in the films, so you will know someone on the screen on your home pc, or on your mobile phone.

They can easily be accessed through the Mosaic Facebook page.  They will be posted daily, apart from Shabbat,and last for around 3 minutes. They coincide with the learning  and shofar blowing month of Elul.

To link to the Mosaic Facebook Page and access the films:-

  1. Please paste: in your browser (or just click on the link).
  2. You will arrive at the Mosaic Facebook Page.
  3. You should then click on the “Like” and “Follow” buttons that will appear.

Enjoy the first clip and we look forward to you being with us throughout the rest of September.

We want to thank Michael for his support to date and for looking after all the Facebook posting in the weeks ahead. Whilst people can film and administer, we need the deliverer to make it happen.

September 10, 2020