Masorti Judaism’s Annual Fundraiser is Now Open!

Please support Masorti Judaism’s annual fundraiser. Jewish life is changing. The pandemic has been a real crisis for our communities, but in many ways, it has simply accelerated changes that were already happening. People’s priorities have changed and their connection with Judaism is less certain than it once was. This is especially true for young people. At our fundraiser on Saturday evening, we heard from three young people whose Jewish journeys have led them to Masorti. You can watch it, together with Rabbi Wittenberg’s conversation with keynote speaker Minister Tamar Zandberg, on our YouTube page.

If we don’t act now, we are at risk of losing connection with the next generation of Masorti Jews.  We need to act now.  We’ve launched new programmes for Noam alumni and young adults, increased our training for community leaders and invested in a new generation of student rabbis.  We urgently need your support now to keep connecting people with Judaism and build the Jewish communities of the future.  Our fundraising target for this campaign is £75,000.  Please help us reach our target by donating here.

March 31, 2022