Masorti News

Service takers this Shabbat 25th June
Shacharis – Marvyn Ellison
Torah Service – Simon Glass
Maftir – Philip Austin
Dvar – Rabbi Anthony
Musaf – David Bright

Birthday wishes to Nir Goldenberg, Susan Kritz, Matthew Young, Ruth Soetendorp, Sharon Smith

Mazal tov to Rabbi David & Ruth Soetendorp on their 51st anniversary and Chanan & Linda Shuall on their 52nd anniversary.

Jonathan Fenster remembering his grandfather, Joseph Lukes.
Sheldon Grossmith remembering his mother, Marie.
Chanan Shuall remembering his brother, Oded.

News items

STOP PRESS – Rabbi Anthony
Anthony – who has been hovering in limbo between ‘student Rabbi’ and ‘Rabbi’ for about a month now – will have his semicha / ordination ceremonially conferred on him at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, in St John’s Wood, at 3pm on Sunday 3rd of July. You are all welcome to attend and metaphorically “cheer Rabbi Anthony on”. You are requested to register via the link below. Please contact  if you would like a lift to the event. They have 3 spaces at the moment.

A ceremony inducting Anthony as our own community’s Rabbi will take place in the new building at a time to be agreed. Read the bulletin for an update.  .

Keep free
Rabbi Natasha is leaving Mosaic Masorti as her secondment to us will have finished after 3 years. How time flies!

Please come and join Rabbi Natasha on the weekend of 1st – 2nd July. It is in 1 week’s time. There will be a:-

  • Friday night service and dinner at the home of Linda and Edwin,
  • kiddish and a special lunch thereafter – hopefully outside at Gill and David’s which is within walking distance of the Guides
  • havdalah service starting at 7.30pm at the home of Linda and Edwin

Please advise Gill if you plan to come to any of the events, as we have never been known to under cater and this will not be the first time either! All donations will be greatly appreciated and help to set up on the Shabbas would also be welcome..

Moving in
Everyone has received the brochure about making donations towards the fit out of our new home. Please look at the leaflet and send any donations to the address in the leaflet.

Refuah Schlemahs
We always mention people who are unwell at the Shabbat service and to wish them a speedy recovery. If you would like a person mentioned, please notify by sunset on a Friday.   It was wonderful to welcome back a congregant who has been unwell for a long time last Shabbas

Sponsoring a kiddish
If you would like to sponsor a kiddish for any special occasion, like  a birthday, anniversary, before going on a special journey, coming back from a special journey, new home, restored good health, please advise Ann in the office and she will see if the date is free

Walking is still healthy
The Henry walks are fun and there is a refreshment built in at the end for all attendees. You can ask a number of Masorti congregants all about the walks and then check out that they are not exaggerating how wonderful they are. Join them every Tuesday to check it out for yourself.

Meetings with Student Rabbi Anthony
Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas, please advise Anthony

Visiting the not so healthy
If you are feeling below par and would like Anthony to pay you a visit, please contact him directly 

June 23, 2022