Masorti News

Bar mitzvah
It is 9 days till Danny Ellison will be barmitzvahed.  If you would like to join us, please notify We are recommending face masks to be worn and there will be significant spacing between the seat bubbles. The door and windows will also be open. Blankets are available if it is a cold day.

Goodbye Girl Guides
You have all received your invitation to the start of the farewell to the Girl Guides, which has been our home for 24 years, which is on Sunday 6th March. Please respond to the invitation as soon as possible, so we can plan for the big day effectively.

Yellow Candle
The yellow candle commemoration for all those that perished in the Holocaust is on Wednesday 27th April.  We will be highlighting how you can receive candles in the coming weeks.

Best wishes to Amy Ezekiel, 22 on 29th January and Annette Benson, 60 on 4th February.

We remember the following people in the coming week:
Gerald Austin, father of Phil Austin.
Harry Nathan, father of Frances Kafka.
Bessie Aharoni, mother of Emmanuel Aharoni.
Michael Honey, father of Dan Honey.

January 27, 2022