Mosaic Masorti High Holydays 2021 questionnaire

We are looking at the services for the High Holydays and need to plan the location and timings. We are planning so everyone can celebrate the High Holydays in a manner where they feel comfortable.

We cannot have the Kol Chai building this year. We are looking at using the Girl Guide Headquarters as everyone knows the location and there is good parking close by.

Some of you will have attended our services at the Girl Guides since reopening. We have allocated seating for every person who attends. The seating is currently in units, of 1 seat, 2 seats and 3 seats. We will still be using 1m+ distancing and mask wearing for services. We have maximum ventilation with all windows and doors open. As the Yomtovim are early in September, we are hoping for good weather but will still be advising members to wrap up well! We will be basing all our decisions for the High Holydays on prevailing advice and the comfort and safety of our members. We are aware that those immune-suppressed etc, may not wish to attend. We have already talked to a number of members who still wish to safeguard and distance at events.

We will be making our decisions as to how and where we hold services based on everyone’s answers to our questionnaire, so please consider your answers and feedback.

We are currently planning on a seat layout of about 55 seats. This compares with a peak in the recent past of a maximum of 130 seats at the Girl Guides. They will be in theatre style. We are aware that we cannot exclude all risks, but we aim to mitigate them.

Please complete this questionnaire (click here) by Sunday 18th July. We will then make final arrangements in relation to the number of seats, the timing of services, as well as location.


Edwin and Gill

July 15, 2021