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STOP PRESS: Mosaic Masorti AGM 22nd November
At last night’s AGM Phil Austin and Gill Ross were successfully appointed as Co-chairs – congratulations to both incumbents.

Congratulations to our former Chair Edwin Lucas who was appointed as the synagogue’s very first Honorary President. Watch out for more information about this appointment which recognises Edwin’s unstinting service for the synagogue since it’s inception.

Congratulations to David Kosky who successfully stood to be a member of Council.

The sad loss of our second Chairman Robert Pinkus, of blessed memory, has reverberated around the community. At his funeral on Sunday Rabbi Anthony spoke powerfully about Robert’s special qualities which made him such a popular and respected member of our synagogue. We wish Robert’s daughters Susi and Rachel a long life.


  • The organisers of the AJEX march at the cenotaph last Sunday would like to thank those in the community who supported the march.
  • The organisers of Mitzvah day would like to thank all members of the community for their assistance last Sunday. It did not go unnoticed and everyone’s efforts were appreciated.


There are still a few places left for tomorrow’s Friday night service and  meal with Rabbi Anthony and his family in their home. Please book by 0900 Friday morning.






We have collected  110 cases, bags and holdalls since we restarted our campaign to help newly released prisoners reintegrate back into society. If you have any spare items in your lofts, sheds, or spare rooms please let Edwin know….. they do not need to be new.  In fact  ‘well-worn’ is attractive as the recipient will not stand out in the crowd.




If you have a friend or relative who is unwell please contact Rabbi Anthony  by noon on Friday if you’d like their name mentioned in prayers on Shabbat.





If you have a concern, an idea or a question please remember that Rabbi Anthony is available to chat to congregants:

David Benson 17/11, Isabelle Allchild 19/11, Joanne Fenster 19/11, Sue Mendoza 20/11, Anthony Manton 20/11, Sarah Scott 21/11, Jeffrey Richman 22/11, Deborah Simons 25/11, Alex Rutstein 26/11, Simon Rutstein 27/11, Orlando Kafka 29/11, Danielle Brummell 29/11

Tamar & Gary Italiaander on their 41st anniversary
Leigh & Philip Fraylich on their 42nd anniversary

Simone Balkin remembering her father, Alan (Mark) Freeman
Dan Honey remembering his grandmother, Anna Honey
Edward Kafka remembering his father, Frantz
Irene Berkovitch remembering her mother, Bertha Irons
Ian Nissenbaum remembering his mother, Judith
David Soetendorp remembering his mother, Mirjam
Linda Lucas remembering her mother, Edith Stern
Shelley Cooper remembering her mother-in-law, Rita Rosenberg
Mike Lewis remembering his father, Joseph Zamchick
Dan Honey remembering his grandfather, Kurt Flach
Maurice Axelrod remembering his brother, Geoffrey Jack Stephen
Jill Rousso remembering her mother, Dorothy Hannah
Lorraine & Jonathan Sarsby remembering their son, Andrew
Linda Shuall remembering her mother, Georgia Schaverien
Dan Kirschner remembering his father, Aharon

November 23, 2023