Mosaic Masorti News

Sad News
Yvette Vinacour passed  away on Tuesday after a very long illness. Yvette is survived by her husband Norman. They were both highly respected founder members of HEMS now known as Mosaic Masorti.  Yvette and Norman moved to Shenley several years ago where they became involved with Shenley Synagogue.

March against Anti Semitism
The march last Sunday was extremely well attended. A special mention to the Head of Mosaic Security, Daniel  Brown, who was there with many other CST volunteers helping to keep the marchers safe .

Mosaic Jewish Community New Members event this Sunday
If you have become a member in the last five years you are warmly invited to attend  to a Mosaic welcome tea party this Sunday at 3pm
You will be able to mingle with fellow new/newish members from our three synagogues: Mosaic Reform, Mosaic Liberal and Mosaic Masorti. There is still time to advise Phil and Gill if you would like to attend.

Long-standing members who want to know more about their Synagogue and Mosaic Jewish Community are also welcome to come along.  Please reply to

After the service this Shabbat, Gill would like some assistance to set up for Sunday’s tea party.  The more the merrier – everything will be done by 13.50  Gill would also appreciate some assistance on Sunday from 2pm for last minute preparations

Print deadline
The deadline for the next issue of Kehila is this Sunday night at 2359. Tell us about what you have been doing be it good, very good or amazing.  Andrea Morgale is happy to assist  using authors

Friday 15th December
There will be a Friday night service and meal at the home of Rabbi Anthony, Abby and the girls on December 15th.  Please book early if you would like to attend. The last two Friday nights at Rabbi Anthony’s home each attracted around 20 people. Book early to secure a space.

Deborah Simons 25/11, Alex Rutstein 26/11, simon Rutstein 27/11, Orlando Kafka 29/11, Danielle Brummell 29/11, Brian Balkin 3/12, Marilyn Finester 7/12

Tamar & Gary Italiaander on their 41st anniversary
Leigh & Philip Fraylich on their 42nd anniversary
Sinead & Sheldon Mydat on their 13th anniversary

Dan Honey remembering his grandfather, Kurt Flach
Maurice Axelrod remembering his brother, Geoffrey Jack Stephen
Jill Rousso remembering her mother, Dorothy Hannah
Lorraine & Jonathan Sarsby remembering their son, Andrew
Linda Shuall remembering her mother, Georgia Schaverien
Jean Allan remembering her father, George William Rogers
Stuart Grabski remembering his father, Max
Joe Newman remembering his sister, Sonja Newman
Heather Eden remembering her sister, Barbara Vaughan
Jill Rousso remembering her husband, Aharon
Malcolm Franks remembering his father, Joseph
Edward Kafka remembering his mother, Hilde
Eve Marmot remembering her mother, Margot Spiers
Carol Carlton remembering her uncle, James Maeredith


November 30, 2023