Mosaic Masorti News

Tonight  – Thursday night
8pm Talmud class with Rabbi Anthony








Come along to a Masorti Evening service in shul starting at 1830 followed by a potluck dinner where you can meet members from all three synagogues






Refuah Schlemaha
Our services are for all members of the community, be we in good health or slightly below par.

We mention people by name, if requested,  to wish them renewed full health and we do this every week. We also mention friends and relatives of members of the community and are delighted to do so. Please advise Rabbi Anthony, as late as Shabbat morning in shul, if you would like someone to be mentioned, or email him in advance by mid-day Friday


This Shabbat
There will be additional heating in our shul space.  We know the temperature for the last two weeks has been rather ”fresh”. The building developers have agreed to instal permanent additional heating  / ventilation, so the prayer space is suitable for all eventualities in all seasons.

The sound proofing will, by the time you receive this newsletter,  have been improved with additional insulation added to columns.


Next Friday 15th December
There will be a Friday night service and meal at the home of Rabbi Anthony and Abi.  Please book early to guarantee your place




Brian Balkin 3/12, Marilyn Finester 7/12, Ian Nissenbaum 9/12, Linda Allchild 11/12, Sheldon Mydat 12/12, Jackie Kalms 12/12, Harold Segal, Mark Kosky.

Sinead & Sheldon Mydat on their 13th anniversary
Frances & Edward Kafka on their 54th anniversary

Jean Allan remembering her father, George William Rogers
Stuart Grabski remembering his father, Max
Joe Newman remembering his sister, Sonja Newman
Heather Eden remembering her sister, Barbara Vaughan
Jill Rousso remembering her husband, Aharon
Malcolm Franks remembering his father, Joseph
Edward Kafka remembering his mother, Hilde
Eve Marmot remembering her mother, Margot Spiers
Carol Carlton remembering her uncle, James Maeredith
Stephen Black remembering his mother, Doreen
Liane Alexander remembering her mother, Alice Austin
Michael Dashwood remembering his father, Eddie
Sharon Royce remembering her mother, Sadie Berman
Carole Orchover remembering her aunt, Esther Rosenberg
Mike Lewis remembering his father-in-law, Solly Isaacs

December 7, 2023