Mosaic Masorti News

Tonight Thursday
Tonight’s Talmud class will start at 8pm. Please contact Rabbi Anthony for zoom details.




This Friday evening
Come along to a Friday night service and meal at the home of Rabbi Anthony and Abi.  If you’d like to attend please send send them an email to secure your space.

Bridge, Monopoly, Scrabble, Triominoes, Draughts, Rummi Cub
Lots of games and lots of tea, coffee and chat, in between serious playing, are all available next Thursday at 10.30. Please contact Linda Lucas if you would like to have any additional information.

New members
If you know any family or friends who are interested in joining Mosaic Masorti, please give them our contact details.  or Rabbi Anthony will be delighted to meet interested parties in the shul or in their homes.

Purim – Megillah reading
Purim is at the end of March. If anyone would like to practise reading a section of the megillah, please contact Rabbi Anthony who will be delighted to assist. Once again, do not be shy and give it a try

Rotas for period January – April  2024.
The new services rota for the period January – April will be issued next week.  We are always looking to add new faces to our rota.  Please contact Rabbi Anthony if you are interested in joining in. Support is available for first timers.

Tallitot at Guides
We have found these 5 tallitot in the safe at the Guides.  Please advise Edwin if one of these is yours, so we can return it to you, or the person who might have left it there.








Ian Nissenbaum 9/12, Linda Allchild 11/12, Sheldon Mydat 12/12, Jackie Kalms 12/12, Harold Segal, Mark Kosky, Darwin Kafka15/12, Heather Eden 17/12, Claire Silverstone 17/12, Richard Morgale 18/12, Linda Shuall 19/12.

Stephen Black remembering his mother, Doreen
Liane Alexander remembering her mother, Alice Austin
Michael Dashwood remembering his father, Eddie
Sharon Royce remembering her mother, Sadie Berman
Carole Orchover remembering her aunt, Esther Rosenberg
Mike Lewis remembering his father-in-law, Solly Isaacs
Phil Austin remembering his mother, Millie
Elaine Glass remembering her father, Alfred Jeffreys
Dan Honey remembering his grandmother, Trudy Flach
Debbie Scott remembering her father, Sydney Cohen
Deborah Simons remembering her father, Cyril Korn
Sharon Smith remembering her father, Sydney Cohen
Michael Morris remembering his mother, Anne
Froma Ziv remembering her mother, Sarah
Richard Buchalter remembering his father, Mathias Don
Sue Krisman remembering her mother, Celia Press

December 14, 2023