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Oh yea oh Yea
The December edition of Kehila  is out today – it’s packed with interesting news and information.






Tallitot mystery
We found these 5 tallitot in the safe at the Girl Guides HQ in Hatch End. Please let Edwin know if you have any idea who the owners might be.








This Shabbat at 0945.

Rabbi Anthony is taking a well earned break to be with his wider family and others will be at Limmud or away on vacation.

So please come along and support those who have kindly stepped forward to do some leyning





Darwin Kafka, the grandson of Frances and Edward Kafka and the son of Dr Nicci and Nik will be Barmitzvah. Come along on the last Shabbat of the secular year and support Darwin.






New members 
We are delighted to announce that 7 new members will be joining Mosaic Masorti in January. If you know of any family, or friends, who might be interested in joining Mosaic Masorti, please give them our contact details.  or Rabbi Anthony will be delighted to meet interested parties in the shul or in their homes.


Bridge, Monopoly, Scrabble, Triominoes, Draughts, RummiCub Do you enjoy games, tea, coffee and chat – with biscuits of course!  Please contact Linda Lucas for information, about Mosaic Jewish Community games sessions in January and beyond.




Refuah Schlemahs   Please contact Rabbi Anthony  by email if you know someone in poor health and would like them mentioned during the Shabbat service.





Kiddish sponsorship Icon of tables overflowing
Have you got something you would like to celebrate? If yes please think about sponsoring a kiddish for a Shabbat or a festival.

There are currently 3 free Shabbatot in February and many more across the Spring period. Contact  for more information.


Mosaic needs you!
Every synagogue needs volunteers. Do you have any time available to support Mosaic Masorti and/or the wider Mosaic Jewish Community?

Please contact Edwin to find out about the many volunteering opportunities available



Darwin Kafka15/12, Heather Eden 17/12, Claire Silverstone 17/12, Richard Morgale 18/12, Linda Shuall 19/12.

Phil Austin remembering his mother, Millie
Elaine Glass remembering her father, Alfred Jeffreys
Dan Honey remembering his grandmother, Trudy Flach
Debbie Scott remembering her father, Sydney Cohen
Deborah Simons remembering her father, Cyril Korn
Sharon Smith remembering her father, Sydney Cohen
Michael Morris remembering his mother, Anne
Froma Ziv remembering her mother, Sarah
Richard Buchalter remembering his father, Mathias Don
Sue Krisman remembering her mother, Celia Press
Avrille Newman remembering her father, Michael Furman
Carole Orchover remembering her mother, Betty Emert
Michael Harris remembering his father, Sidney
Jael Kirschner remembering her father, Benzion
Jackie Alexander remembering her father, Arthur Simon Harrison
Frances Kafka remembering her mother, Regine Nathan

December 21, 2023