Mosaic Masorti News

Shabbat 30th December
Rabbi Anthony will be back in shul this Shabbat after a well-earned break in the Lake District.

Darwin Kafka, the grandson of Frances and Edward Kafka and the younger son of Dr Nicci and Nik Kafka, will be Barmitzvah this Shabbat.

Fancy a stroll?   The Mosaic Jewish Community walking group meet every Tuesday morning for a couple of hours. Why not try a walk – it’s a convivial experience and walkers always get a chance to relax together with a cuppa. For more information please contact Henry Altman via the Mosaic office.

New members
It was a pleasure to welcome some new members to shul last Shabbat. If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining Mosaic Masorti (or one of our partner synagogues) please give them our contact details.  or  Rabbi Anthony will be delighted to meet interested parties in the shul, or in their homes.



Kiddush sponsorship
Is there an event you would like to celebrate? Please think about sponsoring a Kiddush for a Shabbat or a festival. Apart from adding a sparkle to your celebration, sponsorships help us to manage our community Kiddush costs.






Stanley Brooks (30/12), David Kosky (30/12), Zoe Buchalter 31/12.

Avrille & Joe Newman on their 52nd anniversary
Annette & David Benson on their 37th anniversary

Avrille Newman remembering her father, Michael Furman
Carole Orchover remembering her mother, Betty Emert
Michael Harris remembering his father, Sidney
Jael Kirschner remembering her father, Benzion
Jackie Alexander remembering her father, Arthur Simon Harrison
Frances Kafka remembering her mother, Regine Nathan
Mark Sachon remembering his father, Peter
David Kosky remembering his mother, Lillah
Edwin Lucas remembering his friend, Miriam Goldberg
David Ross remembering his father, Robert
Elaine Faber remembering her father, Mel Faber
Froma Ziv remembering her mother, Sarah
Richard Buchalter remembering his father, Mathias Don
Sue Krisman remembering her mother, Celia Press
Avrille Newman remembering her father, Michael Furman

December 28, 2023