Mosaic Masorti News

Tea with the President     Sunday January 28th at 3pm
On November 22nd 2023 the members of Mosaic Masorti Synagogue voted to appoint Edwin Lucas as the synagogue’s first Honorary President.

You are cordially invited to celebrate Edwin’s appointment at an inauguration tea party.  This will take place on Stanmore Hill at 3pm on Sunday afternoon January 28th.

Please rsvp to  listing the name of each person attending.

Edwin richly deserves this honour. His selfless contribution to the synagogue during the past 25 years is unsurpassed.  His dedication, resourcefulness and hard work for our community is widely recognised and respected.

The good news is that our former chair is keen to be an active president. Edwin will continue to support the synagogue as we put roots down on Stanmore Hill.  We hope to see you on Sunday January 28th


Next Friday
Come along to a Masorti Friday night service in shul at 6.45 pm followed by a pot luck dinner at 7.30 pm with friends from across the Mosaic Jewish Community





New Members
If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining Mosaic Masorti (or one of our partner synagogues) please give them our contact details: or
Rabbi Anthony will be delighted to meet interested parties in the shul or in their homes.

Michael Lewis 12/1, Danny Ellison 13/1, Sarper Imren 16/1, Isabel Alexander 16/1, Eliyahu Gens 16/1, John Mitchell 17/1.

Linda Harris remembering her father, Jack Theodore Weston
Audrey Phillips remembering her brother, Geoffrey Alexander
Colin Berkovitch remembering his father, Jack
Deborah Scott & Sharon Smith remembering their mother, Sadie Cohen
Stephen Black remembering his father, Cyril
Michael Morris remembering his father, Ralph
Simon Lester remembering his mother, Sheila Rhoda
Tamar Italiaander remembering her father, Ivor Sanders
Sass Ezekiel remembering his father, Isaac
Susan Leigh remembering her father, Alan Moss
Howard Carpus remembering his father, Moss
Paul Marmot remembering his mother, Mickie
Anthony Simons remembering his sister, Rosemary
Gary Italiaander remembering his father, Michael
Danielle Kosky remembering her father, Gerard London
Sue Levy remembering her mother, Eva Hilton
Chanan Shuall remembering his mother, Shoshanna

January 11, 2024