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To Bev and Sass Ezekiel and their daughter Abi on the safe arrival of a granddaughter.

Friday 23rd February   Evening service and dinner at the home of Rabbi Anthony and Abi
Please let Rabbi Anthony know if you plan to attend 

Shabbat Service 24th February
Masorti Chief Executive, Rachel  Sklan, will be visiting Mosaic Masorti and will be sharing some thoughts.

Rabbi Anthony’s Thursday Talmud Class: the next scheduled class will take place on 29th February (via zoom) at 8pm
Please note that there will not be a class on February 15th and 22nd  The next class will take place at 8pm on February 29th.
If you are interested in trying a class please contact Rabbi Anthony for more information
For those new to Talmudic study this quote from Robert Goldenberg is worth noting.  “Talmud study can be tremendous fun. Like any challenging task, the task of understanding an unfamiliar talmudic passage is intimidating only until it has once been accomplished. After that, the challenge can be relished, and the task enjoyed.”

Megillah reading
The megillah will be read after Shabbat on 23rd March and on Sunday morning 24th March.  If you would like to learn a portion of the megillah please tell Rabbi Anthony as soon as possible so he can provide assistance if required.

Melanie Peters 16/2, Maurice Axelrod 17/2, Aviva Gardner 17/2, Neil Mendoza 17/2, Cici Rutstein 18/2, Susan Krisman 20/2, Laurel Segal 21/2, Reggie Goldner 22/2

Joanne & Jonathan Fenster on their 37th anniversary
Frances & Michael Marx on their 35th anniversary

Emmanuel Aharoni remembering his mother, Bessie
Sharon Grossman remembering her father, Gerald Brandman
Dan Honey remembering his father, Michael
Jael Kirschner remembering her mother, Rita Miriam
Jonathan Fenster remembering his father, Leon
Melna Charin remembering her father, Laurence Phillips

February 15, 2024