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TONIGHT  …  7th March:  Talmud Class
The Talmud is a vast collection of Jewish teachings, laws, and stories that span centuries and continents. Why not explore a small section with Rabbi Anthony and some fellow students? Rabbi Anthony’s Thursday Talmud Class will take place this evening (via zoom) at 8pm. For more details contact

TOMORROW NIGHT …..  8th March: Friday night on Stanmore Hill
After our Masorti service, which starts at 6.45 pm, join friends from Mosaic Reform and Mosaic Liberal for a tasty potluck supper.

22nd March Friday night at RabbI Anthony’s home
A chance to enjoy a relaxed erev Shabbat at the home of Rabbi Anthony and Abbi.  After the service you can experience a delicious meal and good company.  Please let Rabbi Anthony know if you plan to attend.

23rd March/24th March Megillah readings
The Megillah will be read after Shabbat on 23rd March and again early on Sunday morning 24th March.  If you would like to learn a portion of the Megillah please let Rabbi Anthony know as soon as possible so he can provide assistance if required.

24th March  Football match: Mosaic Masorti Synagogue versus St. Albans Synagogue
On the afternoon of Purim we are playing St Albans Masorti synagogue for the decider of our best-of-three football tournament. As in previous matches – we would love to put out a team of diverse age and ability (players aged 12 to 70 have featured this year) – please let Rabbi Anthony know if you might be available.

18th April Pre-Pesach Bake-in
Please let the office know if you can join this year’s Pesach Bake-in with Gill.  Contact

Kehila – Pesach edition
Thinking about writing an article?
With the next edition in mind Andrea is looking for articles about your family traditions at Seder. Please contact Andrea via the shul office if you’d like to submit a piece.

Friendship Club
Over 70?
Why not try our MJC Friendship Club which meets up each Tuesday. For more information, please contact Edwin Lucas who recently popped in on a Tuesday to see how it’s going.

What does it take to deliver a D’var Torah?
You might be reluctant to accept an invitation to write and deliver a d’var for the first time. You shouldn’t be. All kinds of help are available to get you started
Please contact Rabbi Anthony to learn more about what’s involved.

Linda Lucas 8/3, Joelle Zane, Mark Segal, Anna-Deborah Charin 13/3, Andrea Hardy, Jean Allan, Frances Marx, Phil Austin 14/3, Howard Smith 14/3.

Mazal tov to Libby & Howard Carpus on their 16th anniversary
Mazal tov to Eve & Paul Marmot on their 19th anniversary

Howard Smith remembering his father, Joseph
Susan Kritz remembering her brother, David Rose
Jeff Richman remembering his father, George
Alan Goldner remembering his mother, Rachel
Sheldon Grossmith remembering his father, Bernard

March 7, 2024