Mosaic Masorti News

Shabbat 4th May
Rafi Ashkenazi -Bakes will be Barmitzvah.  Mazal tov to Rafi and his family.

Mazal tov also to Eva Litman and Douglas Cohen on their engagement.  Mazal tov to proud parents, Hazel and Laurence Cohen.

Mosaic Masorti AGM
Wednesday 22nd May, 8.00 pm.
Please remember to send in your nomination forms for Council.

Sunday 2nd June  Yom Masorti 2024
Register now for Yom Masorti on Sunday 2nd June! This bumper Yom Masorti will bring together Masorti Jewish community members, leaders, activists and rabbis from across Europe to meet, learn and share perspectives on being Jewish in Europe today, featuring sessions on Israel, Jewish texts, culture, spirituality, music, history and more. Go wide and meet fellow Masorti Jews from all across Europe. Go deep and remind yourself why you love Masorti Judaism. Learn more about the day as well as the full conference weekend and book your tickets here.

Rachel Kalb 3/5, Michael Mendoza 5/5, Andrea Morgale 6/5, Elizabeth Kosky 7/5, Yehudit Gens.

Philippa & Simon Lester on their 46th anniversary

Michael & Neil Mendoza remembering their father, Eric
Carole Orchover remembering her husband, Alan Leon
Michael Morris remembering his partner, Vivienne Levine
Anthony Manton remembering his father, Alfred
Beverley Ezekiel remembering her father, Eli Braude
Michael & Neil Mendoza remembering their mother, Muriel
John Charin remembering his mother, Lily
Andrew Dysch remembering his uncle, Carl Rosen
Heather Eden remembering her brother, Ronnie Burns

May 2, 2024