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Mosaic Masorti AGM
Wednesday 22nd May, 8.00 pm.

Sunday 2nd June  Yom Masorti 2024
Register now for Yom Masorti on Sunday 2nd June! This bumper Yom Masorti will bring together Masorti Jewish community members, leaders, activists and rabbis from across Europe to meet, learn and share perspectives on being Jewish in Europe today, featuring sessions on Israel, Jewish texts, culture, spirituality, music, history and more. Go wide and meet fellow Masorti Jews from all across Europe. Go deep and remind yourself why you love Masorti Judaism. Learn more about the day as well as the full conference weekend and Book here

Sunday 30th June   Mosaic Masorti Summer Garden events  ………. save the date
We will be holding a couple of summer garden events on June 30th to raise funds for our synagogue. Ticket details and further information will be released soon.
If you like cakes and pleasant conversation in brilliant sunshine* – this event is for you. Note * we cannot guarantee the sunshine.

Tuesday 11th June Shavuot
This year the holiday of Shavuot begins on the evening of June 11th .
After the holiday evening prayers enjoy a festive holiday meal with colleagues from our partner synagogues followed by Torah study until dawn!    …  more details to follow

Maureen Aharoni 18/5, Froma Ziv 19/5, Craig Ellison 23/5.

Susan & Michael Leigh on their 37th anniversary

Anthony Alexander remembering his father, Joseph
Froma Ziv remembering her brother, Jack
Maurice Axelrod remembering his uncle, Alan Gerald Benson
Jonathan Sarsby remembering his father, Ben
Andrew Dysch remembering his grandmother, Annie Rosen
Maurice Axelrod remembering his father Jerome David
Gillian Gurner remembering her mother, Rene Morris
Toni Waxman remembering her husband, Cecil
Sheldon Grossmith remembering his sister Stephanie Skeab
Lynne Charkham remembering her father, Philip Sladen
Alan Usiskin remembering his father, David
Howard Carpus remembering his mother, Hannah Renee Kramer
Alison Imren remembering her daughter, Natalie Kinchuck
Andrea Hardy remembering her father, Jack Beerman
Linda Shuall remembering her sister, Pat Frydman

May 16, 2024