Mosaic Masorti News

2020 party in 2022.
Gill and I would like to thank the architects of the 2020 “farewell to Hatch End” Party held on Sunday. On behalf of the 71 attendees we would like to say a hearty thank you to the team who worked so hard to put it together in so many ways.  The catering was excellent and enjoyed by everyone and there were plate refreshers to recheck the taste of many items. The photographs  remembered yesterday going back to the making of the ark and we rounded off the afternoon with our own collector’s benschers. So many people took part and we are mentioning no names so we do not forget a name and cause a breugas.

The new building
The new building is coming along well and we will hold an event to carry our 4 torahs from our old to our new home once the paint has dried and we are not in the rainy season. Please advise if, just like with the Olympic torch, you would like to carry a torah for a short distance. There will be lots of potential to share out the mitzvah and there will be cold drinks on the way and on arrival at our new home, 10 car minutes nearer to Jerusalem.

Birthdays in the coming week.
Andrea Hardy, Frances Marx, Phil Austin, Howard Smith, Debbie Nissenbaum, Elaine Faber.

Traci Spivack & Richard Buchalter on their 25th wedding anniversary

Caroline Alexander remembering her husband and Jacob, Max and Isabel remembering their father.
Gary Italiaander remembering his mother.
Paulette Sachon remembering her mother.

This week
Wednesday 16th March
The megillah will be read at the home of the Anthony and Aby in Stanmore. Please notify if you would like to attend as there will be a limited number of seats available. Please bring along your megillah if you have one. We will confirm the time nearer the time.

Thursday 17th March
The megillah will be read at the home of David and Claire (in Edgware) starting at 1.00 pm. Lunch will be served after the megillah has been read. Please notify if you would like to attend. Please bring along your megillah if you have one.

Weeks coming in sooner than later
Seder nights – Friday 15th and Saturday 16th April
We would like to ascertain who in the community does not have an invitation to attend a Seder.  Please notify  if you would like to attend one and we will try to match people up with homes.

March 10, 2022