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Colin Berkovitch remembering his mother, Rose.
Marvyn Ellison remembering his mother, Clara
Sally Brooks remembering her father, Harry Kaner.

Danielle Young, Shula Arnhem

Jackie & Anthony Alexander
Sally & Stanley Brooks

News items
Congratulations to Dave and Debbie Scott, as well as Auntie Sharon and Uncle Howard, on the marriage of their daughter and niece Sarah, to Gary. We wish them a hearty Mazeltov.

Get well to everyone in the community who has been feeling under the weather in the last week, including Alan Goldner, Anne and  Robert Pinkus, Avrille and Joe Newman, Linda and Chanan Shuall, Elaine Glass, Gill Ross, Marilyn Finester, Marvyn Ellison, Phil Austin, Sue Levy, Rabbi David and Ruth Soetendorp,

Rabbi Natasha will be visiting Mosaic Masorti on Shabbat 9th April

If you’re considering offering accommodation to refugees from Ukraine, the next step is to link up with an existing refugee charity which has the infrastructure to match those coming here with those offering hospitality. This is the well established registered charity Refugees at Home, whose website is

Pesach Kehila
Edwin is away for a few weeks and is looking for a reserve “postie” to deliver the Pesach edition of Kehila on Thursday 7th April. If anyone would like to help out as a one-off please contact

March 24, 2022