Mosaic Masorti News

Happy birthday to Jackie Alexander, Barbara Altman, Henry Altman, Rafael Ashkenazi-Bakes, Elaine Glass, Sam Charkham, Jayden Brummell

Mazal tov to Alison & Sarper Imren on their 6th wedding anniversary.

Caroline Alexander remembering her father, Michael Swerling
Robert Pinkus remembering his mother, Sylvia.
Jackie Kalms remembering her husband, Ashley. 

Rabbi Natasha will be in shul this Shabbas coming

Look out for the Pesach edition of Kehila which will be distributed to the community this weekend.  You will also receive the Yellow Candle which is to be lit on Wednesday 27th April.   You can purchase additional candles. Have a look at the film It also states how to order more candles.

Pesach is fast approaching and there are two host families that we know of, who still have seats at their tables for Seders on Friday 15th April, which is Good Friday in the secular calendar, and Saturday 16th April. If you would like to find out more, please contact

April 7, 2022