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Happy birthday wishes to Elaine Glass, Sam Charkham, Jayden Brummell, Talia Ashkenazi-Bakes, Sue Levy and Sally Brooks

Mazal tov to Alison & Sarper Imren

Jackie Kalms remembering her husband, Ashley.
Neil & Michael Mendoza remembering their father, Eric.

News items
We wish all our members who are still suffering form Covid or covid aftereffects a speedy recovery. We continue to promote distanced seating and an open window policy.  Congregants can sit adjacent to the windows. Please do not attend services if you are feeling in any way below par.  

Seder Invitations – If any member does not have a Seder to attend and would like to attend one, please contact by 11.00 on Friday

 Kehila Magazine – All copies will have been delivered or sent by Friday 15th April

Yellow Candles – Candles will be delivered to all UK members by Friday 15th April. If you need additional candles please contact  by Monday 18th April and we will find out if any more are available to purchase.

The Yellow candles will be lit on the evening of Wednesday 27th April.

Pesach Services
There will be services as follows over the following days at the Girl Guides commencing at 10.00

  • Day 1            Shabbat 16th April
  • Day 2            Sunday  17th April
  • Day 7            Friday    22nd April            Please advise by Tuesday 19th April, if you plan to attend, so we can organise kiddish accordingly
  • Day 8            Shabbat 23rd April
April 14, 2022