Mosaic Masorti News

Michael Morris remembering his partner, Vivienne Levine
Beverley Ezekiel remembering her father, Eli Braude
Neil and Michael Mendoza remembering their mother, Muriel.

Miss Maisie Balkin 21
Miss Mackensie Rogue Mydat 5
Master Lennon Julius Mydat 5

Shul timings this week – There will be services starting at 1000 on:-

  • Day 7 Pesach Friday     22nd April. Please come along and support members who are reciting kaddish.
  • Day 8 Pesach Shabbat 23rd April. Yizkor will be recited on this day.

There will be distanced seating and lots of fresh air.

Special Kiddish:-
This shabbat there will be a special kiddish  / lunch at the home of Gill and David Ross immediately after the service. It is being sponsored by Anthony and Abi Lazarus – Magrill in celebration of Sarah’s first birthday in our community and indeed her first overall. If you would like to come please inform  Gill Ross  by !2 NOON Friday so we can make sure that plenty of delicacies are prepared for us all to enjoy in the garden.

We thank everyone for their donations and offers of help.  IT will be our final festival in April and our final simcha in April.

Walking Group
Spring has sprung and we have heard lovely reports about the camaraderie with Henry’s walking group. Please check the bulletin as to where it is taking place.  We are told that people older than me enjoy the comfortable pace and there is always a refreshment and chit chat at the end. Please come along and tell Edwin that he needs to think about his fitness as he is not getting any younger.

Yom Hashoah
The Yellow Candle Memorial will take place on Wednesday evening. If you need any additional candles please contact by noon on Sunday and he will try and help out.

Friendship Club
This is open to all of us aspiring youngsters who are 70  or more years of age. Come along and enjoy the first club gathering since lockdown and the first of many. We would like more Masorti members to come along and benefit now in time for the winter.

Ideas for the new shul
Edwin and Anthony have been receiving ideas about new initiatives for when we move to Stanmore Hill. If you have any wishes, desires or long term suggestions please contact Edwin  or Anthony

April 21, 2022