Mosaic Masorti News

Thanks to Anthony and Abi Lazarus – Magrill for sponsoring the kiddish lunch last shabbas. It was great to do something normal once again after so many months of not being able to do so. We also wish Sarah a happy first birthday. It was great to do something outdoors in David and Gill’s garden for the hardy and indoors for the less hardy. Thanks to Gill and Toni for all their hard work which went down a real treat.

Rachel Kalb

Neil & Michael Mendoza remembering their mother, Muriel.
Andrew Dysch remembering his uncle, Carl Rosen.
Heather Eden remembering her brother, Ronnie Burns.
Anthony Alexander remembering his father, Joseph.

 In shul this shabbat we have the following members leading services:-

  • Shacharit             Simon Glass
  • Torah Service      David Bright
  • Maftir                   Jonathan Fenster
  • Dvar                     Student Rabbi Anthony
  • Musaf                  Marvyn Ellison

News items
Please remember to plant the seeds in your extinguished Yellow Candle. The message from last night will continue and the idea of planting seeds in the tin came from a Mosaic Masorti member.

If you would like to sponsor a kiddish in the months ahead please advise Gill of the date or dates.

If you would like to learn how to leyn, please contact Anthony who will be delighted to coach you.

April 28, 2022