Mosaic Masorti News

Service takers this Shabbat
Shacharis – David Bright
Torah Service – Marvyn Ellison
Maftir – Michael Morris
Dvar – Phil Austin
Musaf  – Anthony Lazarus-Magrill

Birthday wishes to Craig Ellison, Joe Newman, Traci Spivack

Marilyn Finester remembering her mother, Sophie.
Andrew Dysch remembering his father, Leslie.

News Items
Congratulations to Dr Joe Newman who recited his first haftorah in many years. It was wonderful to witness. If you would like to recite a haftorah and have not doem it before please contact Anthony

Special Kiddish
There will be a special kiddish on Shabbat 28th May to celebrate the 55th wedding anniversary of Heather and Howard Eden. They are our second longest wedded couple.

Look out for
There will be a special delivery from the Office next week.  Enjoy opening the envelope with care.

Shavout weekend  4th – 6th June
Look in the main bulletin for services times on Shabbat, Shavuot Day 1 and Shavuot Day 2. All Services will be in the Girl Guides

Keep free
Rabbi Natasha is leaving Mosaic Masorti as her secondment to us will have finished after 3 years. Please come and join Rabbi Natasha on Shabbat 2nd July. There will be a kiddish and a special lunch. Please advise Gill if you plan to come to the lunch as we have never been known to under cater and this will not be the first time either.

Refuah Schlemahs
We always mention people who are unwell at the Shabbat service and to wish them a speedy recovery. If you would like a person mentioned, please notify by sunset on a Friday. I am delighted to say that a number of members who have been unwell recently are making good progress. I am sure our prayers have helped.

Sponsoring a kiddish
If you would like to sponsor a kiddish for any special occasion, like  a birthday, anniversary, before going on a special journey, coming back from a special journey, please advise Ann in the office and she will see if the date is free We have two special kiddishim booked in the next 3 weeks, which is wonderful after such a long time where we could not have any.

Walking is healthy
The summer is fast approaching and Henry and Barbara want to make sure we are all fit as a fiddle to enjoy the summer months ahead.  I am told our 4-legged family members are welcome too and henry will encourage the walkers to run after the dogs. That is a lovely site to savour. The walks are fun and there is a refreshment built in at the end. Come along and encourage those that are free, to come along too.

Meetings with Student Rabbi Anthony
Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas please advise Anthony

Visiting the not so healthy
If you are feeling below par and would like Anthony to pay you a visit, please contact him directly

May 19, 2022