Mosaic Masorti News

Congratulations to Jon and Lucy on their wedding in just 3 days time. We will all be thinking of you and Rabbi Anthony. This is the first Mosaic Masorti wedding  since we arrived at Stanmore Hill.








22 days to go to HHD
There are still plenty of seats to be had at the temple for all the High Holy Day Services.




Help is needed
We are looking for helpers to help set up the chairs, tables, ark, machzorim and artefacts on Friday 15th September for 2pm ish.

We need cars with boots to aid schlepping. Icon with cars with boots open.


Tashlich will take place on Saturday 16th September in the late afternoon. Icon of water and bread. It is a wonderful occasion and will be held at the lake off Gordon Avenue in Stanmore. The detailed timings will be in the Kehila magazine which will be sent out next week.


We are looking forward to having a good attendance of worshippers on Erev Rosh Hashannah on Friday 15th September. Come and join us and start off the New Year in style. A few weeks ago there was a minyan plus 1 for a Friday night. The atmosphere was religiostical. If you do not know the word come along and experience that sentiment of wonderfulness yourself.


Visit to Cheshunt cemetery – Wednesday 13th September
As we highlighted last week, it is customary to visit relatives the graves of relatives and friends buried at cemeteries before the High Holy Days. Rabbi Anthony has arranged a visit to the main cemetery at Cheshunt between 1100 – 1300, so congregants can visit their departed loved ones, with someone to accompany them. In the past, we have visited the graves, as a group, to former Mosaic Masorti members. We are happy to extend this. Please have the details  and contact Edwin if you plan to attend and we will try and sort out additional transport, leaving MJC Stanmore Hill at 1015

Tombstone Consecration
The Stone Setting for Doreen Black, the mother of Stephen, will be on Sunday 27th August, 12.00 midday at Bushey Old Cemetery.

Elizabeth Carpus 19/8, Gillian Gurner 20/8, Carole Orchover 24/8, Sheldon Grossmith 26/8, Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes 28/8, Paulette Sachon 28/8.

Martin Shoffman & Elaine Faber on their 22nd wedding anniversary
Linda & Edwin Lucas on their 28th wedding anniversary
Simone & Brian Balkin on their 27th wedding anniversary
Natalie & Andrew Cohen on their 21st wedding anniversary
Alex & Simon Rutstein on their 21st wedding anniversary
Hilary & Harold Segal on their 61st anniversary
Sharon & Howard Smith on their 11th anniversary
Elizabeth & Mark Kosky on their 31st anniversary
Sue & Neil Mendoza on their 20th anniversary

Mike Lewis remembering his mother-in-law, Fanny Isaacs
Gill Ross remembering her father, Sydney Shine
Robert Pinkus remembering his father, Simon
Harold Segal remembering his father, Myer
John Mitchell remembering his father, Jack
Jackie Kalms remembering her father-in-law, George Kalms
Dave Scott remembering his mother, Edith
Andrea Morgale remembering her mother, Helen Marks
Ian Nissenbaum remembering his father, Eddy


Sponsoring a kiddish 
If you would like to sponsor a kiddish for any special occasion, like a
birthday, anniversary, before going on a special journey, coming back from a special journey, new home, restored good health, please advise Ann in the office and she will see if the date is free




Refuah Schlemahs and Meetings with Rabbi Anthony 
We always mention people who are unwell at the Shabbat service and to wish them a speedy recovery. If you would like a person mentioned, please notify by sunset
on a Friday.





Rabbi Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas, please advise Rabbi Anthony


August 24, 2023