Mosaic Masorti News

We would like to thank everyone for their help over Rosh Hashannah. This embraces, the office team, schleppers, ark builders, seat layer outers, gazebo assemblers, security, meeters and greeters, and we must not forget all the daveners and the members who had aliyot and other special mitzvahs who made the three days so wonderful. It could not have happened without you ALL. We know how much time is required to prepare for services and it is and was so appreciated.



Yom Kippur
Kol Nidrei is fast approaching.  We know that it will be dark after the service finishes on both evenings. We discovered that the paths are well lit to the main car parks.  There is also lighting at the bottom car park adjacent to the tennis courts and one can cross the tennis court which is even terrain and a short cut.



Youth events at Yom Kippur
There will be young people events in the gazebo adjacent to the park equipment also adjacent to the marquee. We counted 27 people – of all ages, at one time using the park equipment at Rosh Hashsannah. Please remember warm clothing in case the weather changes.

There will be a service for the youth around the time Yizkor is being held which is around 12 noon.

There is also an MJC  youth and teenager session at the Stanmore Hill site starting at 4pm.


In 10 days time we will be celebrating Sukkot. It will be wonderful to recite a shehechyonu as this will be our first time all together as MJC in the succah.  It is also the first time this succah has ever been used so join in and enjoy the time in the succah. Thanks to our members for helping to construct the succah.





Simchat Torah
Simchat torah is a time to have even more fun than usual in shul. On the Saturday night we will have Hakufot and over the weekend we will be honouring two members of the community as is our tradition.  Support them and have fun as it is the last festival till the Chanucah lights are lit which as time flies by will not be long in coming.



To end. I wish you all an easy fast.

Colin Berkovitch 15/9, Linda Harris 15/9, Philip Fraylich 16/9, Sass Ezekiel 18/9, Ze’ev Ziv 18/9, Simon Glass 19/9,Gill Ross 21/9, Andrew Dysch 24/9, Dan Honey 24/9, Liane Alexander 27/9.

Mike Lewis remembering his mother, Rose Zamchick
Jean Allan remembering her mother, Rose Violet Rogers
Howard Eden remembering his father, Rother Jacob
Reggie Goldner remembering her parents, Milly & Solomon Spivack
Shelley Cooper remembering her Aunt, Sadie Keeman


Sponsoring a kiddish 
If you would like to sponsor a kiddish for any special occasion, like a
birthday, anniversary, before going on a special journey, coming back from a special journey, new home, restored good health, please advise Ann in the office and she will see if the date is free




Refuah Schlemahs and Meetings with Rabbi Anthony 
We always mention people who are unwell at the Shabbat service and to wish them a speedy recovery. If you would like a person mentioned, please notify by sunset
on a Friday.





Rabbi Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas, please advise Rabbi Anthony


September 21, 2023