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As I write this message I am aware of the stress being endured and borne by many in the community.  Whilst Rabbi Anthony is out of town on vacation from Sunday, he is available by phone. Edwin is available by phone at any time of the day or night. If you would like to have your relatives and friends highlighted in next Shabbat’s service by name or location in Israel, please advise Rabbi Anthony  by noon on Friday, so they can be added to the list. Our thoughts are with you, your relatives as well as the friends of relatives.


Next Monday and Tuesday there will be a community lead bulb planting at the Woodland part of the Bulls Road Cemetery, where our members are laid to rest in Cheshunt.  The time is between 10am -3pm and bulbs, tools will be provided alongside refreshments. If you would like to be part of this beautiful initiative, please contact who will try and arrange transport.  You do not need to stay all the time.



Friday night Daven and Eat and Enjoy
In 15 days’ time you can enjoy making up a minyan at 6.45pm on the FRIDAY NIGHT in shul and then enjoy a meal in the home of Rabbi Anthony, Abi, Sarah and Nina.  Come along, as it will be a lovely convivial evening.  Please let Rabbi Anthony  know so he can be prepared. So far 4 guests have booked in to be there.





If you are busy, then 3 weeks later, there will be another Friday night service with Rabbi Anthony in shul,  followed by a meal in his home.  Book early so you do not miss out.







AJEX Remembrance Day parade
On Sunday 19th November there is the opportunity to remember those Jewish service personnel who have died in wars dating back over 100 years. You can join the parade and march past the Cenotaph in Whitehall wearing your relatives’ medals and show the world that we honour our relatives to this day. Please contact if you would like to join the team from Mosaic who support a small community who cannot be present.

Tombstone Consecration
The stone setting in memory of Joe Rubins (father of Annette Benson) will take place on Sunday 22nd October at 2.30pm at Willesden United Cemetery, Beaconsfield Road, London NW10 2JE.


Daniel Brown, who leads security for MM alongside Jo Lewis on the rota front, have been reviewing security in light of all the sad news from Israel and the increased incidences of disturbances in the UK.  Jo has reiterated the importance of attending rota slots, as it would appear from the attendees in recent weeks that not everyone turns up when they are allocated a slot. As a community, we have decided therefore to increase the numbers on security, to ensure that we have the minimum numbers required so everyone feels comfortable within the building. If you are planning to come to shul and would like to do an extra slot, please advise Jo who will be delighted to record your name.

We have also had this letter from our area  police liaison officer about meetings in Kensington for members  who are interested in security and welfare.

Community Resilience Training for faith community leaders
London Boroughs Faiths Network with support from the Greater London Authority will be running three courses this autumn and winter. Full details here and a flavour of our pilot course can be viewed here.

There will be six hours of learning from experts and colleagues in the emergency services, local authorities and voluntary sector including British Red Cross, Groundwork, CST, Victim Support, Thrive London. The idea is to build upon knowledge in case of future emergency situations.

It is targeted on faith organisations especially staff, trustees, lay leaders and volunteers responsible for community safety and wellbeing, as well as volunteer coordinators.

It will take place at Kensington Town Hall on 24th October, 31st October and 7th November, all 5.30pm-8.30pm including supper. Register on the GLA website


Mia Brummell 17/10, Beverley Ezekiel 18/10, Dave Scott 20/10, John Grant 20/10, Isaac Ashkenazi-Bakes 21/10, Jonathan Fenster 21/10.

Liane & Michael Alexander on their 36th wedding anniversary
Barbara & Henry Altman on their 57th wedding anniversary
Nicola & Anthony Manton on their 46th wedding anniversary

Sass Ezekiel remembering his mother, Esther
Michael W Harris remembering his mother, Barbara
Avrille Newman remembering her mother, Esther Furman
David Morgale remembering his father, Leslie
Sam Charkham remembering his father, Monty
David Ross remembering his mother, Ruth
Judith Usiskin remembering her mother Netty
David Bright remembering his parents, Jack & Paula
Annette Benson remembering her mother, Philippa Rubin
Heather Eden remembering her sister, Leila Warren
Michael S Harris remembering his mother, Rita
Debbie Nissenbaum remembering her father, Leslie Harris


Refuah Schlemahs and Meetings with Rabbi Anthony 
We always mention people who are unwell at the Shabbat service and to wish them a speedy recovery. If you would like a person mentioned, please notify by sunset
on a Friday.

Rabbi Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas, please advise Rabbi Anthony


October 19, 2023