Mosaic Masorti News

The MJC Community Hub is visiting the Koestler Arts Exhibition on Wednesday afternoon 29th November at the Southbank Centre. We will be shown round at 3pm by one of this year’s exhibitors.  This will be the 60th anniversary of the Koestler Awards with an exhibition of art by people in the UK’s criminal justice system. It is curated by Ai Weiwei who grew up in the far northwest of China, As an activist, he has been openly critical of the Chinese Government’s stance on democracy and human rights. One can purchase items at the exhibition.



We have collected 100 cases, bags and holdalls to date, since we restarted our campaign to help newly released  prisoners reintegrate back into society. Please contact  if you have any spare items in your lofts, sheds, or spare rooms.. They do not need to be new and well-worn is attractive, as the recipient will not stand out in the crowd.



It is now only one week to go until our fund-raising lunch at 12.30 on Thursday 23rd November in aid of Magen David Adom, – Israel’s blood and ambulance service and the excellent work they do. The final date for reserving your place is Monday 20th November. Tickets costing £30 for a fish meal can be purchased via our website    There will also be a cash-only raffle on the day.  We have some great prizes including vouchers for kosher shops. Come and join the team and be a supporter of the event and a supporter of the work MDA is doing to help those who are in need and need our support. The MDA assistance has been used recently by family and friends of our community, so this is real help at a problematic time.

Remember to remember this Sunday 19th November, which honours and remembers  our Jewish fallen heroes of years gone by worldwide. Come and join members of Mosaic at 2pm at the cenotaph in Whitehall, London, who will be showing off their relative’s war medals, which were awarded following earlier conflicts.  It is a wonderful uplifting occasion. You can watch the march from, behind barriers in Whitehall. CST will be in attendance as will the Metropolitan Police.


One week from today on Thursday 23rd November, you can brush up on your bridge prowess, or show your word skills with scrabble and test your knowledge of your words bank of 3 letter words, against other participants.  It is great fun and is held in our building. Refreshments are available.



Come along next Thursday 23rd November  to one of Rabbi Anthony’s learning sessions. The class is just starting a new chapter of Talmud, so it’s an excellent time to start or restart your learning. The class is meeting by zoom at 8pm – the link is on the Mosaic website, or available on request.




Date for your diary
Following last week’s successful service and dinner at the shul AS WELL AS at the home of Rabbi Anthony and Abi just the week before, there will be another service and a meal with Rabbi Anthony and his family on Friday 24th November in their home. Please book now so that you can sit in comfort inside, as even the hardy ones amongst us might find it a bit cold and fresh in the garden.




The war between Israel and Gaza is now into its second month. Uncertainty abounds and the news is difficult for the locals and also for family and friends in the UK.  We reiterate that Rabbi Anthony and Edwin are available, around the clock, to lend a listening ear to you. If you would like your family mentioned by name, or location where they are based in Israel, we will do so at the appropriate time in the service after our prayers for those that are not in the best of health.


With our growing community we have more members who wish to remember relatives and friends  who are not keeping as well as they, or you, would like. Please contact Rabbi Anthony  by noon on Friday if you would like their name mentioned in prayers on Shabbat.

Rabbi Anthony is always available to chat to congregants and can meet up also in your home. If you have any wishes, or ideas, please advise Rabbi Anthony


Weekly Bulletin
Look at the rest of the bulletin to see what is going on in your synagogue, as we try to do things which will suit everyone at different times of the day and week.




Gaynor Black 19/11, David Benson 17/11, Isabelle Allchild 19/11, Joanne Fenster 19/11, Sue Mendoza 20/11, Anthony Manton 20/11, Sarah Scott 21/11, Jeffrey Richman 22/11

Michael Dashwood remembering his mother, Debby
Anthony Alexander remembering his mother, Miriam
Carol Carlton remembering her mother, Toby Conway
Andrew Dysch remembering his mother, Naomi
Heather Eden remembering her mother, Faye Burns
Simone Balkin remembering her father, Alan (Mark) Freeman
Dan Honey remembering his grandmother, Anna Honey
Edward Kafka remembering his father, Frantz
Irene Berkovitch remembering her mother, Bertha Irons
Ian Nissenbaum remembering his mother, Judith
David Soetendorp remembering his mother, Mirjam
Linda Lucas remembering her mother, Edith Stern
Shelley Cooper remembering her mother-in-law, Rita Rosenberg
Mike Lewis remembering his father, Joseph Zamchick


November 16, 2023