NEWS FROM Carole and Roger Morris in ISRAEL

Fortunately we are safe and well. We have had to stay in our secure shelter a few times in the last week, including twice in the middle of the night. In the past two days there have been far fewer rockets capable of reaching so far  north as Herzliyya – the troubles are now mostly in the Negev and around the Gaza perimeter.

We phoned Motti (Mark Reindorp) yesterday. He and Susie had gone on a  trip to NY just before the war flared up. Their flights back have been cancelled a few times so they are staying put for the duration. We have no travel plans for the time being, having even abandoned the idea of going to London this June to support our granddaughter who is the project leader of Israel’s participation at this year’s Somerset House Design Biennale exhibition. Carole spoke to Joy Collins yesterday. She seems to be fit and well in her retirement community near Netanya.

May 20, 2021