Rabbi Natasha calls for all Shofar blowers

Uv’shofar gadol yitaka – a great shofar will be sounded. It is the sound of the season. Yom Kippur will constitute a break from the shofar; the only voices calling out will be our own. However, after the final moments of Yom Kippur have slipped by, we will complete our prayers with a t’kiah g’dolah – one long blast of the shofar.

The minhag (custom) of HEMS/Mosaic Masorti is to partake in this blast together as a community, with as many shofars and blowers as possible. I have never seen (or heard!) this before, and imagine that it must provide a great crescendo for our Yom Kippur journey. I look forward to experiencing this with you!

G’mar ḥatimah tovah – may you be inscribed for a good year,
Rabbi Natasha

October 3, 2019