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Antiques Roadshow Special

antiques-roadshowUK Holocaust Memorial Foundation is partnering with the BBC to create a special edition of the Antiques Roadshow looking at artefacts from the Holocaust and exploring the extraordinary stories behind them.

This episode, to air in January 2017, will include footage from interviews conducted by UKHMF Board Member Natasha Kaplinsky. These testimonies uncover untold stories and belongings from over 100 British Holocaust survivors and camp liberators, the vast majority of whom were speaking for the first time.

Many of the artefacts in this special edition are of such historical importance that they are priceless. So in a rare break with the traditions of the programme, the BBC has decided that items will not be valued.

The Roadshow has featured stories and objects owned by Jewish families during World War Two in previous editions. Jewels buried by families fleeing the Nazis, a precious watch that’s a permanent reminder of a relative who lost her life in Auschwitz. Even a ring a Holocaust survivor kept hidden through several concentration camps.

The UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation and Antiques Roadshow are now interested in hearing more accounts that tell of this dark period in history. As well as telling the stories of loss and tragedy, they also want to discover stories of hope and love too for a special episode to be filmed later this year and due to be aired in January 2017.

If you or your family would like to share your story please contact the BBC and share your story at

October 27, 2016