Any Old Computer Equipment – 3 Years On?

IT Schools Africa is one of the charities supported through an educational charity of which Nick Prentice is a trustee, and members will recall we organised a very successful collection at Mosaic in 2017.

Nick is organising another collection to take down to ITSA in Cheltenham at the end of July and would be grateful for any further support.

As you can see, it is a great initiative, which refurbishes old computer kit, and ships it across to schools in (mainly) Malawi and Zambia. Over 5 million schoolchildren has received some IT training through this initiative.

Provided the equipment is less than 6 years’ old, ITSA take anything, from old PCs, iPADs, tablets, flat screen monitors and keyboards, old mice, hubs, printers and smart phones, and they love cables and power cables.

As part of their reconditioning process, ITSA wipe all disks to NCSC standards, but obviously you can remove or wipe them yourself first if you prefer. Please refer to the attached link for more information about data security and providing access to iPads and iPhones.

Please tell your friends, if they don’t already have a recycling solution, and let Nick Prentice know if you have anything to donate ( Nick will then arrange to collect from you over the next few weeks.  Many thanks.

May 30, 2019