Be a Lifesaver – Jewish Swab Week

Testing will be carried out from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm at Wohl Enterprise Hub, 2B Redbourne Ave, London N3 2BS on Sunday 10th February.  If someone has a blood cancer, such as leukaemia, then the only chance of saving their life could be a stem cell transplant. But those stem cells have to come from someone with a matching tissue type, which, if you are Jewish, is far more likely to be from someone who is also Jewish. How do you know if you are a match? With a simple swab of your cheek, your saliva can be analysed, and your tissue type recorded on the national register.  Anybody who needs a match has their tissue type compared with all those on the registries around the world. There’s a slim chance you’ll match someone (4-5% over 10 years) but if you do, you could be the one person who can save that person’s life. Then, 90% of people donate through their bloodstream over an afternoon. The Sue Harris Trust urgently needs to replenish the registry with a new generation. There is now a clinical preference for younger donors and of course, they can stay on the register for a longer time. Jewish Swab Week is a great opportunity to add yourself to the register – you just need to be aged 16-30, and in good health. It takes literally a few minutes to be swabbed, and if you are a match, you would be giving someone decades of life. How many chances do you get to do that?


Sunday 10th February


February 7, 2019